Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Prayer vigil follow up.....

Last night we held a prayer vigil inside the boundaries of Seagrove Community Garden. It was a silent, serpentine walk through the garden, where passages of scripture and quotes about peace and reconciliation could be read and contemplated. There was also a space for Eucharist. Approximately 25 people joined us. The much needed rain showed up about an hour before the vigil, and let off about 15 minutes before it was to begin. The following images of some of the quotations, and the vegetable and flower images at the bottom, were taken the morning after the vigil. We hope that they will impact your heart as they did ours.
We have had a bumper crop of several varieties of tomatoes over the last month or so, and still have some clinging to their vines.
Winter squash, still a few weeks from fruitition.
The moon and stars watermelons have been a big hit, in fact, we have a fall crop too, just starting to produce fruit.
Before long we're going to need a ladder to harvest the okra!
Sunflowers as high as a man's head.....
Our organic basil makes the best pesto!
God in heaven, thank you for the rain, and for the people who joined us in prayer. Amen.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Prayer vigil.....

We invite you and your families and neighbors into a healing place - the Seagrove Community Garden, 323 N. Broad Street, next to the Dairy Breeze. On Monday night, August 25th, drop in any time between the hours of 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm. Park at the Dairy Breeze, walk next door, and join us in silent meditation and reflection for the healing of our community.
Mission Statement
In faithful partnership with God and one another, the Seagrove Community Garden is an agent of Christian hospitality and sharing.
The garden community will:
*Enrich the soil and preserve the land through hands-on gardening practices.
*Produce fresh, high quality vegetables and fruits.
*Teach each other sustainable gardening techniques, healthy ways of meal planning, cooking and preserving whole foods.
*Encourage the building of cooperation and friendship among members and guests.